About Me

I get to wake up every day and do what I do best and what I am most passionate about.

I began this path when I was ten years old—long before I knew what Design really was and long before I knew it was something you could do for “work”. Waiting after school in my Mom’s classroom helped me discover the tools to start (the Apple IIe she won from a grant) and the software (PrintMagic) that I needed to create.

PROCESS  ///////

Between my day job and freelance partnerships, I’ve been fortunate to learn how to listen and collaborate with a wide range of clients to help them achieve their design goals. Being able to come to the table with fresh ideas and learning from one another is crucial to a creative environment.

My diligence, creativity, excellent communication and organization skills and ability to conceptualize abstract ideas make me a valuable asset to any design team or project. I also take great pride in my love of learning and as a result, I am adaptable to an ever-changing industry.

When I create, I love to sketch my ideas before I hit the mouse and keys. Sketching helps to focus on the better ideas, rather than falling for the first one that comes. It also helps to prevent time being wasted by just moving things around. Once the ideas are weeded out and there’s a flexible plan in place, it makes the process move quickly.


I find inspiration everywhere, but I always feel a jolt with getting to travel, learn about different cultures, experience great food and breathe in nature. I survive on caffeine, reading, painting, photography and music as versatile as my design.

I have a deep passion for design that is intelligent, functional, and attractive. Thereby, it’s no surprise I’m a huge fan of Paula Scher. Her ability to wield type has always fascinated and inspired me.

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